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Belgium is not only famous for its beer and chocolate, it’s also home to four Owens Corning facilities in Brussels (administration), Tessenderlo (cellular glass production and technical center), and Zele (technical fabrics production), some dating to 1959. Together, they employ about 490 talented people making cellular glass insulation and technical fabrics for building and industrial insulation applications. You may not know it, but the roof of the NATO Headquarters in Brussels was isolated with cellular glass manufactured at our plant in Tessenderlo.


Year after year, Finland is named among the world’s happiest countries with some of the cleanest air and highest quality of life levels. If you’re skeptical, just ask one of our 270 colleagues working at our administrative office (Helsinki) or stonewool manufacturing facility and tech center (Parainen). All three entities joined the Owens Corning family in 2018 and have been integral to our presence in the Nordics ever since. This might have something to do with the old Finish saying, “Työ tekijäänsä neuvoo,” which means, “work teaches the worker” and serves as a reminder that the best way to learn is by doing.


Owens Corning’s operations in France focus primarily on manufacturing glass fiber reinforcements and driving innovation for composites. With a Science & Technology Centre in Chambéry and a production facility in L’Ardoise, our team of over 450 colleagues are never too far away from the mountains or the sea. Our site in L’Ardoise is over 50 years old and has an annual production capacity of about nine Eiffel Towers, depending on how you’re measuring.


Picturesque castles, famous composers, and historic cities and towns offer a glimpse into Germany’s past, but a strong culture of innovation and the title of being Europe’s largest economy are what stand out in the county’s modern era. Owens Corning’s presence in Germany consists of two insulation sales and customer service offices located in Hamburg and Hilden, as well as the coating plant in Brüggen, which joined the Owens Corning family in 2021. Together, our teams in Germany count more than 170 employees.


Beyond its food, fashion and design, Italy is revered for its magnificent coastline. Believe it or not, the glass reinforcements solutions developed and manufactured at our site in Besana are never too far away from the shores of the Mediterranean and Adriatic seas. Among their many uses, these Owens Corning solutions can be found in the boats and yachts moored in Italy’s ports. That said, our team of over 300 colleagues have seen their products used to reinforce the frames of the huge vessels transporting liquified natural gas around the world.


Lithuania’s capital of Vilnius is over 700 years old, but the city itself remains young at heart. Our PAROC financial hub is located right in the center of one of Europe’s best-preserved medieval old towns and our manufacturing plant is located right outside the city along the winding Neris River. This facility joined the Owens Corning family in 2018 and manufactures stonewool insulation for buildings and other technical applications, and together with our administrative colleagues, make up a team of approximately 250 people. And though it’s still hotly debated, if you ask any of them where the geographical center of Europe is located, they’ll probably tell you it’s about 26 kilometers from where they work.


The Netherlands is known for its stunning network of canals and being among the world’s most bicycle-friendly countries. Our team of 180 colleagues at the Owens Corning composites facility in Apeldoorn aspire to add the nonwoven veils, light weight structures that are used in composite to improve surface structure aesthetic and performances. They’ve been producing since 1981 to that list, and it’s not only because some of them cycle to work. It’s also because their annual production capacity is enough to cover the entire area of the nation’s capital, Amsterdam.


Beyond its impressive collection of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and some of the Europe’s tastiest comfort food, Poland is home to breathtaking natural settings, including the continent’s most ancient forest. The beautiful natural landscapes surrounding Trzemeszno – where our Owens Corning facility producing PAROC stonewool insulation products  is located – inspire our team of 800 colleagues to explore the great outdoors and stay active, and they do so in part by getting involved in local sports and recreation activities. One thing’s for sure, Trzemeszno is a lot easier to love than it is to pronounce.


If you crave sunny days and the occasional afternoon power nap, Spain is home to some 325 days of sunshine every year, as well as a serious siesta culture. However, our hardworking team of about 80 colleagues at the Owens Corning plant in San Vicente is usually too busy producing technical fabrics mainly used in the CIPP (=cured-in-place-piping) industry. However, they all sleep pretty easy at night knowing that their products help safely repair the sewage, water, gas, and chemical pipelines we all rely on.


You’ve probably already assembled furniture designed in Scandinavia, but our over 400 Owens Corning colleagues in Sweden tend to dream a little bigger. Spread out over two manufacturing facilities in Hällekis and Hässleholm with the administrative center in Skövde, they are experts in manufacturing our PAROC stonewool insulation solutions used in buildings and other technical applications. From multi-family homes and schools to hospitals and airports, they help build structures designed to have smaller and smaller carbon footprints.


The Royal Family, the Beatles (or Fab Four), and some of the most recognizable names in literature might be the first things that come to mind when thinking of the United Kingdom, but the Owens Corning team operating just outside of Leeds in Liversedge are most excited about the UK’s construction market, which is set to reach USD 452.15 billion by 2028. There’s lots of room for growth for the glass fiber veils the team of 80-strong produce, but no matter how busy they get, they’ll always make time for the various community initiatives they’re involved in.


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