Production Operator


Savannah, GA, US, 31408

Function:  Manufacturing
Audience:  Hourly
Work Arrangement:  On Site
Requisition ID:  61951


Insures and maintains flow of quality shingles from shingles machine to wrapping process.


Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

1.         Performs all functions of the job in a safe manner and promptly reports any unsafe behaviors to the shift supervisor.

2.         Operates ATO’s, conveyors, timing and conveyors and maintains a continuous flow of product.

3.         Visually inspects shingles for quality and documents required information as directed.

4.         Cleans electric eyes, skid plate and reflectors, to maintain proper catching, conveying and staging.

5.         Hand palletizes bundles at palletizer as needed.

6.         Identifies seconds and notifies shingle machine operator, wrapping attendant and quality technician.

7.         Trouble shoots equipment problems and notifies supervisor and shift tech as needed.

8.         Notifies shingles machine operator and/or shift technician when equipment malfunctions occur.

9.         Assists in rethreading mat breaks.

10.       Conducts mini-audits on finished products every 15 minutes or as required.

11.       Insures quality specifications and notifies Quality Tech, Shingle Machine Operator, Shift Supervisor, Packaging Leader of non-standard material. 

12.       Salvages and prepares seconds for shipment.  Evaluates and records defects and weight.

13.       Participates in the safety and good housekeeping programs as established within the plant and work areas.

14.       Performs start-up checklist procedures for machine.

15.       Clears jams as needed.

16.       Monitors alignment on A & B lanes.

17.       A-Lane Operator cleans out the laminate pan at least every 20 minutes.

18.       Operates forklift as needed.

19.       Assist Wrapper Operator in clearing jams as needed.

20.       Assists wrapper operator when splice is made on roll of wraps.

21.       Performs other related duties consistent with the nature of the job as directed by the supervisor.



The employee should hold the following abilities:

•           Must be able to communicate clearly and understand verbal and written instructions.

•           Able to follow proper radio etiquette

•           Must possess strong organizational skills

•           Must have the ability to multi-task

•           Able to use and read a tape measure

•           Must work well in team environment

•           Must have the ability to do basic mathematical calculations



The employee must be able to:

•           Log on to company computer system

•           Check, create and reply to email



The employee should have the following:

•           High School Diploma or GED Equivalent




The employee should possess the ability to:

  • Ability to routinely lift up to 40 lbs without assistance
  • Ability to routinely lift up to 80 lbs with assistance
  • Work for 12 hours in extreme hot/cold manufacturing environment
  • Walk/stand continuously for up to 12 hours
  • Ability to safely bend, twist, and squat
  • Routinely ascend and descend stairs and ladders as work area requires
  • Adapt to rotating shift work
  • Pass pre-employment drug screening, background check, and health screen

Nearest Major Market: Savannah