RWP Administrator


Summit, IL, US, 60501-0907

Function:  Manufacturing
Audience:  Hourly
Work Arrangement:  On Site
Requisition ID:  62901

RWP: The person in this position is expected to perform professionally, highly skilled, and exceptionally competent. Review all new maintenance requests to collect all pertinent information to present for work request approval. Responsible for planning all approved work request to ensure all parts to complete the job are secured before work is scheduled. Investigate details of work request by talking to requestors to ensure to have the correct parts on hand to complete the job. Plays Key Role on improving work planning and scheduling which in turn will improve maintenance craftsmen work completion efficiencies. TPM: Accountable for TPM maintenance plans and improving stable operations, TPM task lists creation based on operators needs. Trains operators on TPM inspection completion during roll out and new hires and follows up on their inspection feedback to create SAP work requests.


Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

 Achieving world-class performance in overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), total unit cost ($/SQ), maintenance cost ($/RAV), spares inventory ($/RAV), and schedule attainment.  Leads and participates in TPM teams to develop and implement Operators task list inspection.  Daily review of new SAP work notifications, contacting originator when necessary to investigate all relevant information required to present to RWP approval committee.  Planning of all approved notifications to secure materials needed to prepare work order for scheduling and completion.  Creates and maintains SAP Maintenance plans as directed by Maintenance Leader  Creates and maintains SAP recurring task lists as directed by Maintenance Leader.  Creating monthly work orders backlog report.  Creates monthly jobs kitted report.  Creates and maintains TPM task lists as directed by Maintenance Leader.  Responsible for working with Operators to create TPM inspection. Maintains TPM pm’s and responsible for schedule compliance. Responsible for training operators on completion of TPM inspections.  Participate in safety and housekeeping programs as established by Maintenance Leader.  Participates in teams to develop and implement engineering solutions.  Back up for Storeroom coordinator when coordinator is out of the plant.  Back up for reliability administrator when the administrator is out of the plant.  Permanent member of RWP work request approval committee and scheduling committee.  Works with Storeroom coordinator and Maintenance buyer to ensure parts kitting for all uptime and downtime scheduled work orders.  Responsible for securing outside resources quotes for work Requests. Meets with requestor to insure understanding work request and creates scope of work. Contacts contractors to procure competitive bids.  Must complete other assignments as directed by maintenance leader.


The employee should hold the following abilities:  Write and speak English.  Must be able to work flexible hours.  Able to learn the responsibilities of the position.  Sense of urgency  Proven communication (written and oral) skills  Ability to prioritize in a fast-paced environment.  Professionalism/integrity  Analytical Skills  Negotiation Skills  Able to think under pressure and make quick decision Good attention to detail  Problem Solving


COMPUTER AND SOFTWARE COMPENTENCIES The employee must be able to:  Log into and navigate Global link to access PeopleSoft for paycheck/benefits enrollment information.  Log into and navigate Owens Corning University (OCU) and accomplish required online training routinely.  Basic computer skills  Basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word, and Outlook


 EDUCATION AND/OR EXPERIENCE The employee should have the following:  High School Diploma or GED equivalency


ESSENTIAL PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS/WORK ENVIRONMENT The employee should possess the ability to:  Ability to routinely lift up to 40 lbs without assistance.  Ability to routinely lift up to 80 lbs with assistance.  Work for up to 8 hours in extreme hold/cold manufacturing environment  Ability to occasionally walk/stand on concrete floors continuously for up to 12 hours.  Routinely ascend and descend stairs and ladders as work area requires.  Safeguard self with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – steel toed shoes, ear plugs, eye protection (glasses, goggles, and/or facemask) as necessary for task  Push/Drive floor sweeping and cleaning equipment or tools as necessary for housekeeping duties.  Exposure to noise  Ability to routinely have wrist motion (repetitive flexion/rotation)  Ability to sit continuously for up to 12 hours if necessary.